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GPO Retro is the classic British brand by ProTelX. We satisfy consumers' nostalgic needs by designing and manufacturing retro inspired electronic goods. For GPO, it is not just about recreating retro classic designs. Instead, we create them authentically and at the same time inject the products with modern inspiration and vitality. Our products are designed to add colour to your life. GPO caters to consumers who are looking for something nostalgic and cool. Every design we produce has been inspired and fuelled by our desire to innovate. The core value of GPO is driven by our love of the past.Be sure to check our products pages to learn more about the retro products. You can also check the expert product reviews to find out what others have to say about GPO products. Visit our Become a Stockist page if you are interested in stocking our products. GPO are particularly interested in worldwide distributors, so if you think our products are for you, get in touch!

GPO Vinyl Turntables

A lot of consumers are looking for quality vinyl turntable that will play their old records. GPO has various vinyl players that combine the old with the new. Not only will you be able to play your old vinyl records, our UK GPO record player models come with various modern features. There are units that allow the user to play not only records but also digital track straight from a USB stick.

GPO Traditional Telephones

The GPO traditional rotary dial telephones and push button telephones were produced by the General Post Office. Protelx resurrected the GPO brand and at present, we produce replica
vintage telephones that closely match the style and feel of the original GPO telephones. We
have a wide range of GPO telephones, from traditional rotary dial telephones, push button
telephones and wall phones.

GPO Vintage Radios

We also design and manufacture classic British radios straight from the 1950s. Now you can enjoy listening to your favourite radio stations through a retro style radio. The radios can be used to listen to MW, LW, SW and FM bands. As well as our mains powered radios, we also have our new Rydell radio which is a portable battery powered unit.

GPO Telephones & Record Players

We use only the highest quality materials, along
with a keen eye for style to produce our range
of products. From Push Tone and Rotary retro
phones to record players and vintage radios
are inspired by the original GPO brand.

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