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GPO Audrey

The petite and beautiful GPO Audrey is reminiscent of the 1960s bedside telephone. Designed to sit pretty in any classic-style boudoir, this push-button telephone, with its small footprint, is both discreet and perfectly functional.
The GPO Audrey is a sturdy, high-quality telephone with rubber feet that ensure that it stays put and when you need to remain undisturbed, the ring tone can be turned off with a switch.

GPO Carrington

The GPO Carrington is a suave but contemporary, classic design. This British telephone has just the right amount of 1920s decor, combined with modern technology. The design is based on the vintage Bakelite telephone and features push-button dialing, a pull-out pad tray (originally used for keeping note of exchange numbers) and authentic bell ring.

GPO Pearl

The GPO Pearl Landline Phones / Corded Phones are chic stylish designs fitted with modern technology and they’re compatible with all standard analogue telephone lines.


The Trim Phone was born in 1964 and its compact and functional style made it one of the most popular phones of the ‘70s. The GPO Trim Phone can be used on the desk or mounted on the wall.