Premium Turntables Launched

Is it time to upgrade your turntable? GPO Retro, the official UK manufacturer of record players, vinyl accessories, cassette players and more launches a new range of high end premium record players designed for a more mature vinyl market.

Launching their first turntable in 2011, GPO has made retro style turntables a fixture of the consumer electronics market, with two record players - the suitcase Attache and back to basics Stylo - both in the top five for UK sales. In 2016 between Black Friday and Christmas, one in ten record players sold in the UK was a GPO.

Now, the Greater Manchester firm is launching its first premium range, the PR, offering consumers an improved vinyl experience, with greater control over sound and playback.

The PR 50 vinyl player offers two speed playback, featuring a weight balance arm, pitch function and Audio Technica Cartridge. It also features a Bluetooth transmitter and built in speakers as well as USB playback and segmentation recording to convert vinyl to a digital format.

The PR 100 and PR 200 allow vinyl fans to build their own deck. The PR 100 vinyl player features a counterweight, anti-skating control, tonearm lift level, magnetic cartridge and auto-stop and auto-return arm.

The PR 200 is a music unit, featuring CD, MP3 and USB encoding. It features a Bluetooth transmitter, DAB and FM radio along with built in transformer switch to AC 100v - 240v, and a built in amplifier. It has 2 channels of 12W RMS output power and can be used with external speakers.

Gary Basso from GPO says. "The premium range is for the more serious vinyl collector. It's something we've been exploring for a while and we've been working with our engineers about creating a kit giving much more control over sound and playback. Our turntables have always been accessible, from a price and playback perspective as, particularly younger, consumers get to grips with the vinyl format. Now we want to offer a greater level of choice so if people want a turntable or sound system with a little extra, in terms of sound quality, features and precision they can".

Explore the range here.