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Vinyl hits new heights

Did you hear that the sales of vinyl records were at the highest level for 20 years in 2017? According to the BPI, sales of vinyl records last year were at their highest level since 1991. Over 4 million albums were sold in the UK in 2017. It means that vinyl accounts for around 3% of all the music consumed.

For GPO, that makes us think that there are a lot of people looking for new turntables! The majority of the most popular albums bought in 2017 were re-issues, like Radiohead's OK Computer, The Beatles Abbey Road, Nirvana Unplugged in New York or David Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. That suggests it's people looking for their favourite music on vinyl, and starting a new vinyl collection.

When people have a new vinyl collection what they also need is a record player to play it on. GPO's range of record players offers real choice for music fans, depending on their budget or style. For those starting out on their vinyl journey a GPO Stylo II has built in speakers, a three speed turntable but it won't break the bank. For those who want to be able to stream music by Bluetooth the Ambassador is perfect, while music fans who want to try cassettes as well as vinyls can choose between the Flight and Chesterton.

We've got a record player for every taste. Explore our full range here.