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Want to boost the sound of your record player? How about a Bluetooth device that connects with your MP3, turntable or smartphone and lets you play your music wherever you are? As music fans have recognised their music collections sit across a range of formats, they increasingly need technology to suit. Speakers that can work with whatever platform music is playing on are an essential part of the kit.

bluetooth retro speakers may well be the finishing touch your music collection needs.

Like everything to do with modern technology, today's speakers can't just do one thing. Instead, they need to work as hard as they can. GPO's collection features three speakers, the GPO Westwood, Mini Westwood and GPO Manga. The Westwood offers a 25 watt output with sub-woofer. It has Bluetooth connectivity, also offering TRCA input and a 3.5mm aux with Bass, Treble and Volume controls.

The smaller Mini Westwood has a 2 x 5 watt output, with the same multimedia connectivity. It also features a rechargeable battery, meaning it's easier to pick up and take with you, making it easier to boost your music on the go.

The Manga, the newest addition to GPO's collection, is a 5 in 1. It's a Bluetooth speaker and Amplifier with a built in rechargeable battery, ideal for streaming music from a tablet, smartphone or any other Bluetooth device. You can plug in a guitar or mic and turn it in a PA system.

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This flexibility is vital for the modern music fan. A music collection is on a variety of devices and platforms, and a speaker solution that only meets one need isn't going to be as popular.

Then we need to focus on style. Retro speakers are popular largely because of the nostalgic style that's filled popular culture over the past decade. The retro grilles, brass knobs, foghorn style speakers tap into that retro trend. It's about stepping back in time and fulfilling that need, but also having a speaker that works just as well with a piece of retro kit, as it does the latest handset.

A retro speaker may well be the finishing touch your music collection needs. Offering you the flexibility to stream from a variety of devices, the retro speaker is a stylish solution enabling you to play all your music, whatever platform it's on.