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Retro Turntables - Vintage Turntables

We often use the phrases interchangeably when we're talking about a Vintage turntable or a Vintage record player, but actually the two are distinct. If you're on the lookout for a record player it's worth understanding how the different features and elements work, especially the turntable, to know if you're picking the right record player for you and your music.

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What is a turntable ?

The GPO Retro turntable / record player itself is the either the chassis or the base unit and it's the bit of the player that rotates the record. The platter is the flat surface where your place the record. Within it is the motor, which works at three different speeds. Then the pickup arm and the cartridge and stylus trace along the groove of the vinyl record, creating the sound.

The action of the spin is obviously at the heart of the record player, which is why it's become a name in itself for the vinyl player. It's the bit of the unit that rotates the record and is an intrinsic part of the kit.

Of course, you can add anything onto that basic unit. Speakers, amplifiers, USB plugins and the like.

The record player is the whole piece of kit, the turntable, speakers, headphone plugin, USB. It's a little bit more intricate and elaborate than the standalone turntable. THis is the element that you can personalise, choosing the design, colour, the shape and the features you want to have on it.

If you're looking for a Vintage turntable, you'll be able to find a record player that has the features you want , and one you'll be able to spin records on. The three speed turntable will be included as a feature of the record player, so you'll need to check the specifications of how it works if you're browsing online