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Vinyl Record Restorer & Vinyl Record Restoration

Vinyl Record Restorer | Vinyl Record Restoration | Vinyl Restorer

Protecting your vinyl records is key if you're going to keep them in the best condition. If records are scratched or damaged, then they'll skip and jump. This can lead to even more damage and can make your records unplayable.

Cleaning your records also leads to better sound. If your turntable stylus is struggling to get through the dirt and debris on your LPs, it'll affect the sound.

We sell a vinyl cleaning kit that helps you to keep your records clean, restore vinyl records and protected. If you look after your vinyl properly, there's no reason it won't stay in mint condition for as long as you can.

It couldn't be easier to use our vinyl records cleaning kit or Vinyl Record Restorer. Take your record and hold it to see if there are any marks, dust or scratches.

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Vinyl Restorer
Vinyl Record Restorationn
Vinyl Record Restorer

The liquid in our vinyl cleaning kit is gentle and it won't damage your records. This is important. Chemical based cleaning products will damage your vinyl further and will erode the protective layer that helps keep the playing smooth. It means your records will stop and start much more.

Use a little of the liquid and then just the gentle brush to spread it across the vinyl, ensuring all is covered. Sweep the brush in a circular motion to go with the grooves to clean them. This will remove any dust and dirt.

For those who love their records, keeping your vinyl clean with a records cleaning kit will help keep them in mint condition for longer and will also ensure the sound stays better for longer. Make cleaning your vinyl with our vinyl cleaning kit a regular part of your routine and upkeep of your record collection.

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